KULFI HOUSE FRANCHISE – A Sweet Opportunity in Every Bite

Welcome to the world of Kulfi House, where every scoop is a celebration of tradition, flavor, and indulgence. As the demand for authentic desserts continues to rise, Kulfi House emerges as an inviting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking entry into the booming dessert industry.


With over 95 outlets spanning 12 states across India, the Kulfi House Franchise system offers an exciting avenue for individuals to establish their own business. With Low overhead costs, No Royalty Fees, and streamlined operational expenses, Kulfi House empowers you to thrive in the ice cream industry unlike any other franchise. Simple operation, flexible space requirements, comprehensive training and lower Investment makes Kulfi House Franchise a great fit for any location.

Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey that promises to satisfy taste buds and create cherished moments for customers across the globe, by owning your own Kulfi House Franchise.

Kulfi House Franchise Approval Process
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Kulfi House Franchise Cost investment starts at 6 to 8 Lakhs approximately for a 150 Sq. Ft Outlet. The total kulfi franchise cost includes franchise fee, interiors, equipment’s like freezers, tables, chairs, signages and billing systems. The final Kulfi House franchise cost may vary depending upon store size and other factors. Initial kulfi and ice cream Inventory cost may come around  Rs 1 lakh.